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Robbie Urquhart is an entertainer who connects with and engages his audience through a charismatic performance style. He is a versatile and seasoned musician, playing guitar and singing as a soloist, duo or band performing classic cover songs and wedding music. He also fronts rock n roll band 'Robbie & the Rockers', 'Robbie Urquhart & the Rewinds' rockabilly band 'The Rattlesnakes', blues band 'The Blues Rattlers' and 'The Stereotypes' playing classic favourites.

Robbie Urquhart Solo (Classic Covers)

Robbie is a highly qualified and experienced musician who has a Bachelor of Music and is a High School Music Teacher. He has strong and clear melodic vocals and accompanies this with his guitar. When playing solo he plays both electric and acoustic guitar with high quality backing tracks.

Robbie & Vivian Duo (Versatile)

Robbie Urquhart & Vivian Lucero perform dance music including jive, rumba, cha cha, waltz, disco and rock n roll. The duo are very experienced musicians and between them, have a huge repertoire to cater for many styles of dancing, party goers and music listeners. 

Snake Bite Duo with Paul Chaplin (Easy Listening)

When performing duo Robbie is joined by Paul Chaplin doubling guitar and adding vocal harmonies, also allowing for more complex guitar playing. Robbie and Paul create an easy listening atmosphere and relaxing music experience.


Snake Bite Duo with Dean Lewis (Acoustic Rockabilly / Blues / Swing)

An acoustic duo featuring stand up double bass, acoustic guitar vocal with stomp box and vocals. Stripping back classic rockabilly, blues and swing to create a traditional roots music sound. This duo is appropriate for groovy retro venues and sets an authentic vintage atmosphere for classic events.

Robbie Urquhart & the Rewinders (Rock n Roll, Rockabilly, Blues, Swing, Waltz, Cha Cha)

Robbie Urquhart & ‘The Rewinders’ are a three-piece dance band and take the audience back in time with rock n roll greats of yesteryear. Robbie has been performing in the Newcastle and surrounding areas since 1998. He is an entertainer who connects with and engages his audience through a charismatic performance style and is a versatile and seasoned musician, singing and playing guitar with a large repertoire.


‘The Rewinders’ have Dean Lewis on double bass who is an experience musician and can capture the retro feel and with his beautiful instrument and energetic stage presence, audiences are captivated by his smooth sound. Drummer Dennis Walsh plays solid dance rhythms that dancers can feel, and listeners can’t help to tap along. He has impeccable timing and delivers a variety of drum patterns that keep the dance floor moving all night long. One of the bands strengths is the ability to monitor the audience’s reactions being flexible to choose the songs to cater to the dancers.

Robbie & the Rockers (Rock n Roll)

‘Robbie & the Rockers’ are a four-piece rock n roll band. They are an energetic dance band who play music from the 50's and 60's. One of the bands strengths is their versatility and ability to read the audience’s reaction, altering the repertoire to suit the dancers. The band can keep the dance floor full by moving from rock n roll to rockabilly, swing, blues or country and even throw in a cha cha or waltz.

The Rattlesnakes (Rockabilly)

The ‘Rattlesnakes’ are a three-piece rockabilly band who have been performing since 2005. They are a high-energy band comprising of Robbie Urquhart on guitar and lead vocal, Dean Lewis on Double Bass and Trevor Cameron on drums. This band suits retro theme nights, classic and hot rod car shows and old school music festivals. 

The Blues Rattlers (Blues)

The ‘Blues Rattlers’ are a four-piece old school blues band. The ‘Blues Rattlers’ feature mouth harp, bass, drums and guitar and specialise in Chicago blues, jump blues and swing styles. The band performs songs from blues legends  including Little Walter, Muddy Waters, Big Bill Broonsy, Howlin' Wolf and Willie Dixon. 

The Stereotypes (Classic Covers Band)

Three piece band, 'The Stereotypes' play a wide variety of music and can cater for parties, weddings and corporate events. Due to a large song list this band is versatile and can change repertoire to suit the venue or occasion playing dinner music, popular classic songs, old school music, sing along songs and classic pub rock.

Wedding Music Solo (Acoustic / Classical)

Robbie Urquhart provides classical solo guitar and vocal music suitable for wedding ceremonies and receptions. 

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